With Madonna vibes and heartache, Isle of You takes the first step into 2019 with their new single "Change of Heart". “We have put our hearts into this song. "Change of Heart" is about when the heart breaks.” With the feeling of Us Against the World and eternal immortality, Isle of You is making 80´s inspired pop music, writing about great emotions in tiny moments.

The new song "Change of Heart", is a song that the duo describes as their darkest so far, with raw synths, heavy beats and up front lyrics. "Change of Heart" is about a relationship that ended. Even though breaking up is logically the right thing to do, you can’t get rid of the picture of the successful relationship in a parallel universe.”

An unbreakable friendship and the pursuit of a more exciting life have taken the duo around the world. Last year, Isle of You was highlighted by SIA, when the superstar added Isle of You’s “Bodyguard “to Team Sia's EarCandy.

The idea for Bodyguard was born when Isle of You performed at a high security prison in Medellin, Colombia, where the audience consisted of life sentenced prisoners from the Cartel and the paramilitary. We´ve always had a relationship where we push each other close to the edge and when one of us is about to fall the other one catches.

"To play at a prison in Medellin, Colombia, was exactly like that. The experience was totally surrealistic and at the same time one of the best moment we’ve ever had. That’s the way we wanna live; maximizing and getting as much as possible out of every single moment."

Isle of You are Ida Johansson and Elina Danielsson, best friends since the age of 10. Beginning of 2018, they moved to Stockholm, where the career took off. The now 21-year-old’s are accelerating faster towards starry skies. Last Friday, "Change of Heart" was honored the song of the week by Musikguiden on Swedish national radio station “P3”. The music video, directed by Helena Widinghoff, is released on Thursday 24/1 and premiered by Gaffa.